Iain MacNeil Comedy Special Teaser

Filmed @ Turbo Haus on May 25th, 2017.

Disco Fever

An original screenplay by Iain MacNeil. Directed by James Watts. Starring David, Kelly and more.

New Year

An original screenplay by Iain MacNeil. Directed by Alexis Cuthbert. Starring Sehar Manji, James Watts and a bunch of friends.

Iain MacNeil's Relationships Powerpoint

An edited review of what makes a successful relationship by Iain MacNeil circa spring 2015.

Little Miss Boot

A crew of documentarians follow a mother and daughter as they prepare for Little Miss Boot, 2018. Starring Rena Taylor, Tatyana Olal, Tara Desmond, James Watts, Emma Overton and Iain MacNeil as Carter Jeffries. Written and Directed by Kelly Kay and Emma Overton.

Being Jennifer Vanilla Iain MacNeil SUPERCUT

Filmed live on location at the Windjammer, 552 Grandview Ave in Ridgewood. See the full show here: https://youtu.be/UCP6LDZ7IuE

Big thanks to Jennifer Vanilla, Becca Kaufman, Sam Regal, Lily Marotta, S the Supplicant, Nat Brouwer, Elsa Brown, Steve JR Corbin, Leonora, Yulia Z and everyone else.

Iain MacNeil Reads at a Night of Literature and Also Books

Audio recorded live at Psychic City on November 29th, 2017. Photos were staged at a later date.

Iain MacNeil gets some advice

Filmed by Reese Turner March, 2017